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Coming Soon — Mahon, Menorca — photo by author

They marched,
they asked why,
they filled street and plaza.
Where were you?

They carried signs,
called for answers.
I didn’t see your hand raised high,
I didn’t hear your voice.
Where were you?

You say you believe,
you say you care,
you say you did all you be asked to do.
What more, you ask.
I ask, Where were you?

Maybe there was nothing,
the hour too late, time too short
the tide so long in the making,
the current strong.
but you weren’t there.

You sort,
recycle your morning juice box,
smile at yourself as you pass the mirror,
job done for the day.
Shake your head at the news,
they really ought to do something.

You earned that vacation,
saved a lifetime for the cruise.
What ship will they board,
when the waters rise and the winds bear down?
What port will they find in the coming storm?
What hand outstretched?
Where an open door?

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