The trouble is that what rallies us, what spurs to action is the full-frontal attack. The undeniable, in-your-face evidence. The Pearl Harbor. We need a day of infamy to get us going. In this case, when that day comes, and it will, it will be much too late, all the decisions had to be made before the hammer falls. I have just reread 6 Degrees. Written more than 10 years ago, it details the changes for each degree of warming. One degree per chapter. The first chapters have an eerily familiar ring. Why? Because we are living them. They have already happened and we are on course for more. He wrote then that the next ten years (the decade of indulgence we just had) would be pivotal in making any adjustment, anything after that would be difficult to the point of virtual impossibility. That is where we sit now. We have the terrible irony of unsurpassed skills and tools and a generation we are educating to hope and action and the truth is (and we are afraid to say it by and large though I hear it in whispers more and more) it may well be too late. There may come a moment, clear and clarion, a call to action and it may resonate in every heart and we could, we could, we could, but I see and feel a dragging will. I see a looking to the side to see that others must take the first steps and not I or us or we. Just one more trip, not yet.

We are hooked and though we see the drug killing us, we take another hit.


Writer, walker, poet, educator. Commercial fisherman, builder, donut maker, organic grower. Boston, U. City, Maine, South Africa, Madrid.

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