Roll up your Sleeves America

Time To Make America Rake Again

Abandoned forest house, Gotts island, Maine — photograph by Ben weinberg

Once upon a time, the elves were employed to clean the forest floors.
To rake and sweep and such.
Alas, alack, they are no more.
Thus, the leaves untidy pile,
and every unchecked branch and twig impedes,
leaving us with excess carbon.
It is really all so simple.

Great forests equals great climate.
What we need today?
A greener Mr. Clean.
That is all I was trying to say.

In elder times, or so I’m told,
when climate was great
and not so changeable,
men had their way,
there was not this endless questioning.

“Scientists” on about Climate Change
What hormonal change?
Mother Nature — Climate Change.
You see where I’m going?

Do you need a pretty picture?

What was the question anyway?

What made us great?

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