The Peasant by Cesar Manrique, Lanzarote, 2017 — Photograph by Ben Weinberg

Hand in hand across the land
so the story comes to go,
Singing, this land is my land
oh, from sea to shining sea.
And did you know the man?
The man I knew,
the man from Galilee.

Allejloo, allejloo

Now they say the facts is hard
yeah, the way is long
and we got to study on it ’til we know.
Don’t want go half-cocked.
End up trigger locked. Totally blocked.
Stalemate. Stagnate. Filiblustered.
That’s become the American way.

Allejloo, allejloo

But the truth, the stand up truth,
why it’s as simple as can be.
And in the end, a child shall lead.
To remind us,
so we remember.
The span we raise, the bridge we build,
just who we’re building for

Allejloo, allejloo

Writer, walker, poet, educator. Commercial fisherman, builder, donut maker, organic grower. Boston, U. City, Maine, South Africa, Madrid.

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