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  • Patrick Metzger

    Patrick Metzger

    Writing fiction, non-fiction, humour, and personal, separately or in an incoherent slurry of genres. *See Lists for stories by genre.*

  • Sydney J. Shipp

    Sydney J. Shipp

    Published poet. Expressing in words, the universal feelings inspired by my experience of life. Instagram: SydneyJShipp, Twitter: @SydneyJShipp

  • Janis Leslie Evans

    Janis Leslie Evans

    Writer of poetry and articles on relationships, grief, racial trauma, and spirituality; black girl insecurity expert; solo private practice therapist

  • Nova Richards

    Nova Richards

    Poet. Essayist. Researcher. Writing on being, the human experience, connecting big ideas with everyday life. https://twitter.com/novawrites_

  • Jennifer Essary BS, LMT, PHC

    Jennifer Essary BS, LMT, PHC

    Environmental Scientist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Primal Health Coach. Founder of jennifermichelle.co, lover of antiques, rom coms, and the outdoors.

  • Peter Burns

    Peter Burns

    A curious polymath who wants to know how everything works. Blog: Renaissance Man Journal (http://gainweightjournal.com/).

  • Ripley J. Cloud

    Ripley J. Cloud

    Writer of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure!

  • Bob Dumont

    Bob Dumont

    Writer. Programmer. Dad. Husband. Concerned.

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